Amazon secretly planned to use facial recognition and Ring doorbells to create neighborhood "watch lists"

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This is… perfectly normal, citizen. Go about your day. All praise Amazon, the keeper of our faces and the guardian of our homes.


Big Bezos is watching you.


Don’t forget to smile for the camera! algorithm!


If Ring will flag these guys, I’m in-

ETA: this is a joke of course, i still wouldn’t sign up; but since the premise will always be false, the statement stands.


Considering there are self driving cars, private surveillance systems ought to be able to discern if someone is on the public right of way or not. Anything done in a public space short of actually breaking the law cannot be considered as suspicious enough to warrant notifying anyone.

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Hm. I wonder if it would be possible for Ring customers to train the AI to recognize police officers as suspicious activity?


Is anyone really surprised by this?

Amazon lies. Repeatedly. Endlessly. Much like Facebook and a few others I could think of.

And it’s all ways to hide some ridiculously orwellian bullshit but even Orwell would be like okay man this is pretty fucking ridiculous.

Can we just stop allowing these idiots to do business?
I really don’t want to live in a panoptikon. I’m tired of these idiots getting to lie with no consequences while they destroy our privacy and turn our country into a police state and soccer mom fiefdom every fucking day



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No, just overhyped cruise control.

The key word there is private. There’s nothing private about the use case as outlined.

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