Whistleblower: Amazon Ring stores your doorbell and home video feeds unencrypted and grants broad "unfettered" access to them

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/01/10/surveillance-a-go-go.html


“Of particular note is a team of Ukrainian researchers who are charged with improving the product’s facial recognition tools as part of the company’s push to turn Ring doorbells into a private surveillance grid that conducts continuous streetwide surveillance”

Good lord.


Appropriately creepy for a product with a name that sounds like the world’s worst sex toy.


I thought it rang a bell… :rofl:

Wonder if there’s any EU sales yet? The data privacy act should shut them down permanently!


Wasn’t this a plot point in a Batman movie?

So far, I haven’t seen one Internet of Shit thing I would be willing to install in my home: too many chances for the programming to be subverted, crap security, the list goes on…


Well, the good thing about a doorbell is that it is usually installed outside the home, facing away from the premises.


They also sell interior cameras.


Yes, I do occasional tech support for a gallery in London, and when I went to their new site to fix some network stuff, it turned out that one of these items was among the things that needed reconfiguring. I remember thinking “hmm, this seems like massive cloud-based overkill for a doorbell”. One of the gallery owners is prone to buying exciting new things that he sees on the internet.

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Clearly plenty of opportunity and uh exposure.



Phat LOL

I’m pretty sure there was a Doctor Who episode like this.

that’s the bad part!

if i had agreed to have an amazon camera in my home – well, to some extent buyer beware.

i never consented to my neighbors recording my comings and goings, let alone handing those recordings over to a megacorp.


…and it’s nothing to do with a certain wall coming between you and the caller

I was once thinking of having a camera in a garage but there was a question of having a mains supply…

Use all the cameras you want, just don’t trust any of this cloud security nonsense. If my security footage isn’t secure, than my home isn’t secure.

This is great news…for exhibitionists.

I wonder if exhibitionists scan the tech forums, looking for the latest gadgets that are insecure or easily hacked and broadcast video.

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I’ve seen tv commercials for it, in Dutch, for a few months now.

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