Amazon's Kindle is 10 years old


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Huh, thought it was older. My first ereader was a Sony PRS 650, which I then replaced with a Paperwhite, which was stolen (boo!), now I’m on a Voyage which I don’t plan on replacing anytime soon.


Still have my original I won and still occasionally use it too.

I hold it as a sort of nerd badge of honor to subject myself to its many foibles.


I have purchased 10 Kindle’s as gifts, but alas I’m still a paper page turner myself, and likely always to be.


I don’t think they’ll take any of my old Kindles. I have original (Fiona), Kindle 2 (Turing), Kindle DX (Nell) Those are all the keyboard ones. I have so many because I used to work for them. I think the cut off is probably Kindle 3 (Shasta)?


Myself as well. I have my dads old first generation kindle - he read a lot for only having it 3 years!!!


Wait until you get older. Being able to choose a large font is a big deal for some of us.


You had a chance to use a banana for scale and you went with a ruler? And not only that, but you chose a metric ruler? WTF?


Does 60 count as older?


It does seem like its been around forever.
I’m on my third, the first two both developed screen problems at year 3. Worth every penny though.
I agree there isn’t much room for improvement in the hardware, but I do wish Amazon would work on improving the software. Sub-foldering isn’t that complicated, guys!




But for any text more complex than plain text, it sucks ass.


I’m only on my second, but love them to bits and have even managed to convert Technophobe Dad to their usage.
That said, I would rather like a cheapie-cheapie waterproof one, please, Amazon? I don’t want to spend over £200 just so I can read in the bath…


Ziplock freezer bags.


I have a Kindle Touch, but it has an utterly infuriating habit of freezing randomly. Apparently it’s a known problem that can be resolved through some slightly obscure update process that daunts me every time I settle down to research it.

My Sony PRS has generally proven to be much more reliable, even if it lacks the shiny built-in dictionary.

EDIT: Gah, what am I saying? That’s a Kobo, not a Kindle. Mustn’t disparage the wrong product.


“Amazon’s Kindle is 10 years old”

No, it’s not.

the tenth anniversary is not until 19 November.


Amazon isn’t celebrating with a new model as it seems pretty hard to improve on what the Kindle already is.

Actually, they are. There’s a new top dog that’s waterproof (finally) and has a bigger screen.


A while back I picked up a 3g Refurb (gray one with physical keyboard). It has been strangled down to 50mb a month, but since you can tether it to a computer, and it works internationally, it was a nobrainer at something like $30. Haven’t used it too much yet, but the price point and functionality was perfect.


My mother in law sets the font size on her kindle so high she looks like she’s studying flash cards.


I have a kindle paperwhite. It’s awesome. I love it. I highly recommend it if you like reading.