Ambient weather report display generates rain, lightning, sunshine in a box


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Now turn that into a working cloud chamber for particle detection.


Totally going to get one of these and leave it on the windowsill.


I have something a little less tangible. I found apps that set the background of my desktop and my phone’s background to mimic what the current weather looks like. Working deep within the cubefarm in the middle of the night is alienating, even from my own environment, and it’s nice to know whether it’s icy out when I open the back door to head home.


I used to run a little script to pull real-time satellite weather images and set them as my wallpaper. It was kind of fun to see what was coming.


It’s a really nice idea, but when you read through the Indiegogo page, it’s a box that sprinkles water and may also make a bit of fog. Let’s hope the open source project keeps developing.


I’m thinking, maybe some kind of interesting sand at the bottom and a heater, so that if it’s supposed to not rain for the next few weeks, it can bake the sand into a cracked up desert surface. There’d have to be some kind of sealed chamber for the water though, since you don’t always want to simulate humid heat.


Peltier element, and condense the water away? Or an absorber, from which the water can be ousted with heat as needed?

Or give up on the closed system and dump the water into the room; in many cases the residential space air is way drier then it should be anyway.


And what? Fill it from a pitcher ten times a day?


Use a bigger reservoir. Or hook it to the water mains.


Awwww, come on, I’m trying to shoot down your cool ideaaaaaa…

What I’d really like is some way to incorporate this into a 10 gallon fishtank. Maybe it’d just be a separate feature sitting on the bottom of the tank, since fish don’t like flashing lights and rapid temperature changes…


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