AMC threatens to sue fansite over Walking Dead spoilers


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Did anybody predict that AMC would take such an action?


I think the proper response to this kind of threats is that fan sites/reviewers and everyone else writing about the series collaborate and stop mention it at all. Let AMC consider if that’s really what they want.


I was binge watching the two seasons of ‘Magic City,’ when I suddenly realized the main character was Negan. Weird.


Who shot JR? That’s none of your business. Stop speculating.


Christ, what assholes.


This is Shinyfirefly of The Spoiling Dead Fans. I just want to make sure it is clear that AMC threatened to sue US of we posted our prediction, not every fan. They assumed we received our information illegally and that we publicly made that claim. They didn’t say where they even saw that claim.


I’m predicting that the butler ate him.


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