America does a better job of tracking bee deaths than deaths in police custody

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A military-industrial complex ruling over half a billion people, feeding off of the largest economy in the world, and offshore basing a massive expeditionary war machine scares the shit out of me; but then states rights used again for asshattery shows me what a fuckup trusting them is.


I knew that.

can I get a visualization of most dangerous police stations for bees.


The truth doesn’t just hurt, it stings.


Does the government not track deaths in police custody, or do they track it and lie about it? I don’t believe for a minute they stopped tracking body counts in war. I guess it would be more ominous if the government didn’t even care how many people were killed by police or soldiers, but come on. Bean counters galore. How could they help themselves? It’s the Government Who Cried Wolf. These are the same people who have been assuring us they don’t collect or peek at the metadata and content of citizens’ emails and phone calls. Right. I believe it was Dubya misquoting The Who that said: “Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me twi – you can’t get fooled again!”

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Georgia, FTW.


No, I think you’re wrong. It’s called willful blindness. Some states to track these things reliably, but it’s not universal at all. Hell, the gun lobby has made it impossible to even track stolen guns, which one would think the police would find useful.

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It’s up to citizens to track it, if the government won’t.


Bees are important.

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I’m having trouble deciding whether this is because we think that bees are more important than people who get killed by cops; or whether the fact that we don’t yet have an ironclad case for what causes bee die-offs means that there isn’t an influential entity with a direct interest in not tracking those statistics.

I’m inclined to suspect that (while the former is also true) it’s the latter that is the driving factor.

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Yeah, but what about the states that used to report and now don’t anymore? What changed, you know?


While it seems some states track deaths while in police custody no one tracks the death of individual bees–just the colonies. What is the human equivalent of a colony? A neighborhood? A family?

This is actually, stunningly, desperately true!

Sadly, the unspoken corollary is that the sort of people who die in police custody (overwhelmingly p.o.c. and the impoverished and any marginalized demographic) are not important.

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The vast majority of bees in a given hive are sterile female workers who are all, at the least, half siblings.

A bee hive is a family. A very LARGE family, but still, the human analogy is a family.

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Yes and no.
Speaking as a species, losing even quite an amount of individuals might be not as bad as losing the Bees.
Of course, on an individual level it’s a whole different story.

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