American Airlines disagrees that it overcomplicates things



If my boarding pass says Group 5 and I am in the 5th group to board, I call that a win then when I’m in “Group 2” and I’m in the 5th group to board… That sounds Simpler to me


A ‘more complex’ boarding process has the potential to simplify the boarding process; because planes are a bit cramped for passing someone in the aisle or to get to a seat, some permutations of passengers will load significantly faster than others(in an ideal world, everyone goes from gate to seat without having to pass or cross over another passenger, so a weighting toward window seats and seats further back in the plane); and the ‘everyone shoving so they can cram something absurd into the overhead bins’ is rarely the optimal load order.

In this case, though, it looks like the boarding order is pretty much 100% based on price discrimination, rather than improving load order, so the complexities in categorization are unlikely to be offset by improvements in efficiency.



Whatever plans they have will fail because the system is not implemented at the gate. Personnel don’t even look at the boarding group of the ticketholder so there’s no incentive not to just go in group 1, and then you have everyone who’s not in the currently boarding group standing closely around the gate so there’s way to distinguish them from people actually in the current group waiting in line to board. Why pretend to have a system that is chaos in reality?


Attempting to justify the more expensive ticket bands?


Not true, I’ve seen the automatic systems recognize that they were not yet boarding that group and send people back.


Great! Never seen that.


AA disagrees? Well. I guess that settles it.


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