American citizen and EFF sue Ethiopian government for installing British spyware on laptop


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Now if we could just see several million headlines that read:


Yeah my first response was “Oh, poor, poor United States Citizen is being spied on by Ethiopia…”

Meanwhile, in NSA land…


I imagine the kind of spyware that it’s public knowledge it’s sold to governments worldwide, is the kind of spyware the NSA gets an automatic feed from anyway…

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Everyone is spying on you, all the time.

Conduct yourselves accordingly!

Is that a GNU library that it’s linked against? I see GNU MP listed in the text on the right. We need a GNU license that specifically excludes any use by the NSA or security forces. Also, the source code for the spyware must be made open source if it links GPL’d code, right? So GNU should be suing the British firm for not publishing the source code of their malware.


How long do you think it’ll take before the United States government attempts to intervene and kill this lawsuit using the state secrets privilege? After all, if this spyware is used by governments, details of its functionality may compromise United States security activities by alerting the subjects of surveillance to its presence on their machines.

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I imagine suing the Ethiopian gov’t in US court would be an easier way to get a precedent set for such actions being illegal… which could be used against 1st world governments later.

Now if we could just see several million headlines that read:

(insert demonym) citizen and EFF sue US government for installing (insert demonym) spyware on laptop.

Go to this page:

Then click on CASES:

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Yeah Ethiopia, that is what you get for cutting in on the NSA’s action!!! Don’t you know only the USA is allow to spy on all the citizens of the world?


Yes, because the NSA won’t respect the Constitution of the United States of America, but will break down in fear after facing a hippy license. They’ll just start adding to version numbers the suffix .SOSUEME.

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When do egocentric USians learn that US law =/= world law? If this goes through it has to be reciprocated - a can of worms the USA doesn’t want to open (as fun as the lawsuit in a chinese/iranian//belorussian court “Citizens of the World vs the NSA/CIA/US Gov.” would be)

Doing a little dig around, it appears that FinSpy isn’t some crazy secret spyware that nobody knows about. I would hope that a modern virus scanner should be able to detect it.

Also, not to be a victim blamer, but come on, man: opening up a word document from somebody you don’t know? What is this, 1996?

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