Ethiopia: the first "off-the-shelf" surveillance state




This is where the USA is currently headed.
Stop the NSA.


It’s vanishingly unlikely that Ethiopia is alone in this.
Putting the genie back in the bottle is rarely an option.

In the old, old game of attack and defense, you have to adapt or go under. Information technology and big data would, in an ideal world, be used only for good. Since wishing for an ideal world is historically a waste of time, it becomes a matter of making use of the available tools to effect a defense. It takes understanding and work, of course…


Anybody else remember when The Free Market was the historically inevitable doom of the isolationist commie police states? And when strong crypto was going to protect privacy rather than lock bootloaders?


Still does. Use it.


Wow. I really hate myself right now, but I can’t help it. It is spelled Ethiopia. Just sayin’.


I do. Where possible.


What’s the world coming to when this proud nation of these United States is not the leader in encroaching, illegal domestic spying and surveillance?

Although something tells me Mr. Snowden might have a forthcoming packet or two that could put us back in the lead.


This is reminiscent of pharmaceutical companies and thier “clinical trials” in Africa. If you still have a typewriter, save it for the coming 21st century samisdat boom.


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