American? Don't go to these countries: Russia, Belarus, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Somalia and more!

Americans shouldn’t travel to Iraq and Afghanistan?
I’f only they’d thought to follow this advice about twenty years ago.


To be fair, the Taliban was in power then, but now…oh…wait.


Well, that’s “OK” in the sense of “As a foreign visitor, you are unlikely to be scooped up by the secret police on some invented charge and held in captivity until your government agrees to exchange you for a few billion in frozen assets or a convicted arms dealer.”

I realize that that’s a pretty narrow definition of “OK”, but it’s the one that’s relevant in this particular context.

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And “don’t expect EU-style regard unless you’re CIS male, and preferably fall within a specific range of skin hues.”

Re: cell phones. Yes, I noticed their ubiquity in Cambodia where I visited before the pandemic. As much as people in the “first world” complain about phones as time wasters, in poor nations they are amazing tools - for starters, you can just get one while getting a landline is an expensive process often taking years (assuming the lines even go to your village; building some cell towers is much cheaper). And they can be used for payment. Yes, here too, but it is just convenience here because we had credit/debit cards. In poor nations people generally had to use cash for everything before. And finally, modern phones give people access to the Internet which they didn’t have before in places where computers were rare.


This Taleban? (1997 BBC Article)

IIRC Bush and Cheney met with them. The Taleban (again, IIRC) were making headway suppressing opium cultivation as well, in co-operation with a :us: program.

I did have plans to cross :afghanistan: in 2003 with a friend’s NGO convoy, but that never panned out… :thinking:

A friend was trying to convince us to go to Socotra Island by Yemen. It’s supposed to be very beautiful, and I was told that something of a friendly detente has been reached with the local militias. They apparently won’t go for tourists in the name of supporting the local economy.

(We decided not to go…)


That’s on my bucket list, bizarre and unique flora found no where else in the world, it’s like if you took a small island 100’s of millions of years ago and transported it to the present.


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… I know maybe three things about Turkey, and one of those things is

Midnight Express: The cult film that had disastrous consequences for the Turkish tourism industry | The Independent | The Independent

But aren’t we all, in a way? I mean, I know that’s how I feel when I think about my weight…

Apparently there’s also a travel advisory in India saying it’s not safe for Indians to go to Canada. Oh? Because there are too many extra-judicial murders by Indian state agents?


Don’t worry…Pierre Polievre is doing his best to make Canada safe for QNuts.

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