American With No Medical Training Ran Center For Malnourished Ugandan Kids

How to arrest someone for mass murder? Apologies for the Monday downer…


FFS. Even Rudyard “the mustache of imperialism” Kipling recognized that you had to send your best for this sort of job; not some ghoulish cosplayer.


I saw this a little while back. I can almost hear her logic: “well, it was me or nothing, and, you know, I’m white, so…” nah, we spend half our lives in training because we like getting paid shit to do scut work. I seriously doubt she will face serious consequences for murdering children by her incompetence and arrogance.


It’s definitely a number of wrong things going on, including the “white saviour” thing.

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Checks… Nope, apparently not a Scientologist. (Scientology teaches people to have deadly “100% Certainty”. I guess she’s a natural.)

This is really the distasteful undercurrent of missionary work that gets to me. (Aside from the “Convert to Christianity and we’ll feed you!”)

Life in prison or death penalty. Truly, this is the sort of person who might do this again, and we shouldn’t let that happen.

But, I had to see what was going on over at Breitbart on this story, and take a peek into the Abyss. You probably shouldn’t click and read it (you’ve been warned).


Analysis: It’s weird how the most overtly racist commenters over there always have their profile on lockdown. Not a one of them ever gets sloppy and forgets. I’ve seen this guy around before; definitely some sort of trolley, but impossible to say what his native language is.


All religions teach people to have 100% certainty. That’s the definition of faith.


Oh dude (Mr. Patterson) white people need no help to make us look evil. It’s kind of our superpower. I am more shocked when we (usually accidentally, I assume) manage to make ourselves look less evil. It’s a deep hole, but ffs can we at least stop digging?


Bad faith. Let the spirit move you to pick up a book of facts.

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