Americans perceive overweight Asian people as 'less foreign' than skinny Asians

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Americans perceive overweight Asian people as “less foreign” than skinny Asians

Do Asian Americans do that?

I hope this isn’t another case where “American” means “white.”


The melting pot is filled with bacon and cheese.


Friend of mine was born in Korea, and adopted by Cheeseheads at age 1 (3rd gen German immigrants in Wisconsin). Thus, she’s a somewhat overweight cheesehead. Actually tells people she’s German, because she hates being adopted. And also likes to screw with people a little bit.

A lot of people do not treat her like an American, especially the guys who are interested in dating her. (But, it’s not as bad as you think–she works in Milwaukee, not way out in the middle of nowhere).

Pitch perfect metaphor.



Well, big surprise there. /s

I’m wondering if people in other countries would react to the test the same way-- the fatter you are, the more “American” you must be.

And now a clip from one of my favorite movies. . .


I rarely say this, but you win the internet for the day.


Either way, anyone who agreed to answer that question engaged in bigotry since there’s absolutely no way they could have guessed the birthplace of a stranger by a photograph.

I wish sociologists and psychologists would stop asking us questions. Or at least keep the results to themselves so I can stop feeling embarrassed so often.


You don’t have to take it personally, you know.

I suspect that Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin would approve of this study.

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