Americans smuggling Fruit Roll-Ups into Israel

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At least fruit rollups are real. SBF got “rich” by doing a similar arbitrage with crypto. It’s the American way.


not hot pockets ooh wait…

Customs agent: “Do you have any fruit rollups on your person?”

Traveler: “Uh, no.”

Customs agent: “Okay, time for a body cavity search.”


Were they charged with trying to export hazardous waste? I mean Fruit Pleather isn’t exactly the kind of chemistry lab experiment gone awry that you’d want in your backyard…



I loved real fruit leather when it became a thing in the ‘80s for camping and hiking. Not sure if it still it exists, but the kids’ snacks that took over that space are all pretty disgusting.

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I can’t imagine why the answer wouldn’t just be… “yes”.

Are they illegal contraband in Israel?

Mind you that’s (USD?) 96K street value. Think of the children!
[375 lbs * 16 oz/lb * 1 pkg / 5 oz * 10 rolls / pkg * (USD?) 8/roll]

Yes again! Paired with dark chocolate. Yum!

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That shit is nasty. Put some actual, tasty fruit on your fucking ice cream! It’s not rocket surgery after all!

Cripes, people!

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Each suitcase weighed 190+ pounds (185 for the roll-ups and at least 5 lbs for a suitcase that won’t break carrying it)? I call bulls**t!!!

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