America's actually had worse presidential races than this one


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An aggravating factor making the latest one worse: unlike 1828, pretty much each and every citizen has been exposed to a real time stream (and unprecedentedly rich archive) of the awful thoughts and actions of Trump.

Chose him anyway.

Edit: OK, actual genocide IS worse than anything Trump’s done. So far. But the electorate is still on the hook for willfully voting with blinders on.


The one thing I have seen again and again from the alt-right conspiracy wonks is the accusation that “The Clintons” have had people murdered. And I don’t want to do that google search… so who was murdered and when?


But, in the same way we no longer have the Crusades, we’re supposed to have learnt something since then, right? Right?



Here’s the Snopes link… If you’re willing to read that Liberal Elite Propaganda site


I think Vince Foster was the big one - he white house counsel who committed suicide, but the theory goes that the Clintons had him killed.

I think there was another case of a death by someone who was an informant for wikileaks that Clinton supposedly had killed… I don’t know the circumstances of that, though.

Also, Serbs hate Clinton for the NATO bombing of Belgrade during the war in Kosova and people blame HRC for the drone program (all of a sudden,they care about brown lives, which they didn’t seem to under GWB).


I’ve seen dozens of names listed, but @Mindysan33 is correct about the big ones. Assange is the source of Seth Rich when he implied that he was killed for helping leak DNC emails.


Seth Rich, thank you. That was recent.


I’m not sure how comforting it is to say “this election was actually slightly less awful than the one in 1824”.

Although, on the subject of Andrew Jackson, Rudy Guiliani did compare Trump’s election to Jackson’s when Chris Matthews pulled him on-camera for an interview after the inevitability set in. So, y’know, nice to see who their role models are.


Hell, it’s still early and Trump supposedly has a hit list (probably not putting them to death but specifically targeting them for legal battles).


i know this article means well, but it’s not helping. not one bit.



Got to protect the rich. However, this is perfectly fine:

I’m so demoralized and broken hearted.


What is this, socialism? Hire your own security, you lazy bum!


So I guess if the primitive, violent people of that time managed to survive and not nuke themselves or commit genocide or enslave populations of defenseless people then the Americans of today are going to be just fine!


not nuke themselves or commit genocide or enslave populations of defenseless people

One out of three’s not bad???


It could always be worse.


because they couldn’t is what I’m implying.


And what I was implying is that they did commit genocide and enslave populations of defenseless people