America's courts are going dark


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“Nothing to see here, Citizen, please move along.”

“But that’s our government! We have a right to participate!”

“Only if you pay the franchise cost, Citizen.”

“What do you mean? I’m a voter, I’m enfranchised…”

“No, Citizen, the franchise cost. Corporate franchises only past this point.”


Not only are we the frog in the pan of soon-to-be-boiling water, but we’re turning up the heat by ourselves, too. Maybe future research into sealed cases can use the NSA’s datarep in Utah…


Employers, Internet service providers, and consumer lenders have led a mass exodus from the court system.

May as well, with the vast number of vacant benches, the right to a speedy trial is over and done with.



The court system is corrupted. I lost faith and I’m not alone.


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