America's prisons are replacing vital in-person visits with expensive, nonfunctional video calling


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This is disgusting. Is there no low to which our penal system won’t sink?


Surely these systems would vigorously guard lawyer-client privilege.


Look, I think we can all agree that only the Free Market can improve this terrible situation that was forced on the Free Market by nosey, over-regulating, Big Government, if we only got Big Government farther out of the way than it already is and deregulated the prison phone monopoly so that it could compete with itself, which would lower costs somehow.
Plus, it’ll help if you people stop complaining about the Free Market and other Job Creators so-called “screwing” people who are so-called “unable to fight back”. In a way this is all your fault, for noticing.


By replacing visitation with videoconferencing, prisons save the cost of guard-labor for in-person conferences,

Surely they could save more by recording one call, down grading the quality and then bumping off the prisoner. Whenever a relative wanted to speak with the prisoner, they could just re-run the inaudible, artifact-ridden video call with a message saying, “I’m sorry, we are experiencing difficulties with this service”. Clear profit.


Not yet


Or they could maybe imprison fewer people.


“Are you an effective team?”


But that would eat in to profits… unless they could garnish the wages of people who would otherwise be in prison; a sort of reverse debtors’ prison, where you would pay to stay out.


Well, they aren’t feeding the corpses of the executed and/or murdered prisoners to the living prisoners yet. (that we know of). But as soon as someone figures out how to turn a profit off of it, I’m sure that someone will implement it as a cost-saving measure. [/sarcasm]


Although corporations are people under the law, they have no soul, morals or ethics, and can be abhorrent in their behavior. Thank you, (In)Securus Technologies for proving this as an actual fact and for giving us a reason to stop this kind of behavior, which currently allows legalized bribery (in the form of lobbying) to take presidence over citizen’s welfare.


Shhhh! Don’t give them ideas!



this has been today’s episode of simple answers to simple questions.


Headline reads as if there’s a functional form of video calling.

Also, WTF America?!?


Let’s not forget the leak of 70 million regular calls


“One study of over 16,000 incarcerated people found that any visitation at all, even just once, reduced the risk of recidivism by 13% for felony reconnections.”

Oh yeah. Because prisons just HATE recidivism. Especially the private ones. Look up ALEC ‘Truth in Sentencing’ Act, and see how the for profit ‘corrections’ industry has already completely transformed the criminal justice system into a very profitable nightmare that is destroying countless lives. This, in my opinion, is one of the most shameful things to happen in America in the last century. History will not remember us kindly for this.

The Nation - The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor


I know, yeah? Stunning levels of purest evil. Just amazing.


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