America's spooks abandon crypto-backdoors, plan shock-doctrine revival

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Thing is, this just might work.

Tell your kids there are monsters hiding in the closet, and they won’t believe you. Hire a guy to hide in your kid’s closet and jump out at night and scream OOGABOOGA and nothing you ever tell that kid will reassure them that there are not monsters in the closet.


queue false flag operation


Yea, no, you don’t need conspiracy theories to make sense of this. The conspiracy is right out in the open.

The thing that saves us is that backdoors like this simply won’t work. All they’re going to do is invite hackers of every stripe and make a mockery of whatever new “standard” is proposed. Remember Clipper Chip?

It also won’t work because they simply can’t ban math.


Isn’t that one of the Ted Cruz platforms?


Illegal numbers.


Ok, the plan is powerful and misguided, but it is currently waiting for the right moment, and we know the gist of the plan ahead of time.

How can we take advantage of this time (while the plan is waiting for its moment) to set in place a crushing blockade to what we know is coming?


It also won’t work because they simply can’t ban math.

Destroying the public education system merely ensures that most of the people capable of hacking your compromised crypto come from outside your country.


After the shock of 9/11 passed, and the horror of the US response came to light, the thing that really truly gives me a knot of anxiety is that we are not as a nation having the discussion of how to respond to the next attack. So it seems we are doomed to fuck up in our response all over again.

Then when you hear that the US Intelligence community is just WAITING for the next attack to take advantage of the public it just confirms what any thinking person already knows… that there are a LOT of agendas ready to be pushed in a vulnerable moment for the country.

I used to think it would be another physical attack. But now it seems all the more likely that it’ll be a “Cyber 9/11.”

Such an attack could manifest as the loss of services (such as power outages, online banking closures, credit card network failures, internet access failures) and it could include unrecoverable direct financial loses in the markets and for individuals.

The result of the attack will be awful, to be sure, but our reaction could easily be even more awful. Fear and human bias could be used to drastically change the digital and internet landscape in this country and thereby the world.

There’s no arguing that 9/11 was horrible. That is self apparently true. However, one hurricane or a single month of car crashes in this country can cause an equal amount of loss of life and property. And we don’t respond to a hurricane by spending a trillion dollars on war. Or by torturing prisoners.

The same will be true of the “Cyber 9/11.” We will all be awe struck by the number of dollars lost or the number of people without power… whatever it is. But with perspective, we would see that more citizens lose power to thunderstorms in the summer or lose their dollars to natural down-swings of the DOW Jones.

But taking a step back for perspective is a really tough thing to ask hurting, afraid people to do. And the agendas pushed through the corporate media will completely undermine any effort to think critically about the situation.

Our best bet is to talk this stuff through before it happens.


Health problems kill way more people.

A politico that wastes money on “security” instead of investing in health care is more dangerous than al-Qaida.


I wish i had the confidence that the uk tories aren’t going to be ramming through anti-crypto policy any day now. The words they use like ‘accountability’ and ‘oversight’ being particularly bile inducing considering we’ve seen ZERO fucking evidence of either. A more appropriate word to use being unlawful and unlawful.


Well, in the world of today they can make a policy, but then they’d have also to be able to enforce it. Which, in the age of general purpose computers and opensource and rootable cellphones and sideloadable apps, is a rather tall order.

Do they really believe the people would just obey?


Which is why i wonder what the hell cameron’s technical advisers are telling him or if he’s just ignoring them to appease the helen lovejoys of the world.

Don’t hurt, just obey, lie down, do as they say.

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