No evidence Snowden leaks inspired Islamic terrorists to up their crypto game


Seems somewhat obvious to me. Given that over the past decade anyone who is a terrorist and not smart about crypto has probably been taken out with a drone, sheer natural selection would mean that they would be using some kind of defensive cryto at this point.

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I have pretty much learned to dismiss anything said by the military or the intelligence communities about Snowden.

This latest was just drive-by FUD, an opportunistic swipe to play to an audience that would never fact check it, because anyone who would fact check it was already dis-inclined to believe it.

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No evidence? Who the hell needs evidence to denounce an enemy of the state?


So Snowden revelations have changed how people are searching and trying to protect their privacy, but Haven’t caused Terrorists to change their practices? Sorry, but that’s bullshit

Or have gone back to middle age technology, rather employing couriers than risking a drone attack by just turning on a cell phone.

A) The terrorists were probably already using the best practices they’re capable of, pre-Snowden.
B) Did any of us really think all this spying is about jihad?

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Actually, it seems fairly obvious that terrorists who have not been using some kind of crypto have a fairly short life expectancy (at least those connected to Al Q or other high priority groups). It is a fair assumption that most of them were already using crypto to some degree, so it isn’t hard to imagine that they haven’t changed their practice with the Snowden revelations.

Long before Snowden, they were seeing terrorists getting taken out by drones/special forces etc. when they were not careful with their communications. On the other hand, I am not a terrorist and have not seen anyone in my circle of acquaintances get killed by a US drone. So I wasn’t immensely worried about crypto except to protect my personal data.

So Snowden woke the rest of us up to what the surviving terrorists already knew - protect your information from spies. Most of us aren’t worried about drone strikes, we’re just worried about privacy (for now).

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