UK terror suspect asked twitter who he should bomb

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Godd = God-d = Gotti

Just sayin’

Also, I approve of this message included in the subtext of the incident, that terrorists are generally stupid as well as statistically insignificant such that our leaders demonstrate their own ineptitude and willingness to deceive by considering them as anything other than a matter for police.


The UK has no shortage of numb skulls, but neither do we.


Probably wanted to get caught? But with the hope that some special bad-ass brownie points will follow him into jail and beyond?

He’ll probably even reform and hope that his past as an aspring super-villain will give him that extra bit of gravitas whenever he speaks out in media.


“It’s Four Lions for real.”
Isn’t that redundant, given that the movie was the end result of rigorous research into the real-life numbskulls that had previously aspired to be bombers?


Democracy in action! I can’t remember the last time my MP bothered to ask who we should bomb [/snarkasm]


Generally I’m supportive of BB’s anti-anti-crypto stance but, I’m sorry, the implication in this ones just a little off. Yeh, this idiot wasn’t using crypto, and got caught. Does that mean there aren’t people who aren’t total numbskulls (but are still malevolent) who are using crypto - and we just don’t know about them?

It’s basically just the anthropic principle. We know about the ones we catch, because we catch them. Therefore it’s unsurprising that publicised stories of terrorists are disproportionately ones in which those people are absolute idiots.

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