Trump's ignorant tweet about London attack gets criticism from Theresa May and former Chief of Staff


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Eight months down, 40 more to go.

Fingers crossed that we’ll have no more than one term of Trump. It’s hard to believe the American people want any more of this than they have to have. But I was certain until November that they wouldn’t want any. God knows I didn’t.


There is no reason to believe this will end on January 20, 2021.


We can do without the redundancy by leaving out the word “ignorant” in the headline.


Yeah there is; just laying down and dying isn’t an option.

Defeatism fixes nothing.


Trump riffs off this tragic event to bolster his argument re his policy on Muslim immigration, and said nothing about solidarity with Europe as far as these types of events or about the victims of this latest. A total scumbag.

  1. Didn’t hear about the attack. Sorry to hear.

  2. Someone PLEASE take away his Twitter. At least until he has to run for re-election? Is firing up his base really worth embarrassing a nation with this shit? It’s one thing when he says stuff “around the house”, but when you make these ignorant tweets about shit going on in the world… it reflects badly on all of us.



No comment on Charlottesville because he “wants all the facts,” immediately jumps to conclusions and makes damaging statements when he thinks Muslims might be involved. Hmm, I’m sure it’s a coincidence.
It’s amazing, because Cheeto Mussolini’s statement is either revealing privileged intelligence information that will hamper the case, or it’s just not true (being tRump, almost certainly the later). Neither option is remotely acceptable behavior for a president, yet it’s normal for him.

Yeah, whatever happens with Trump himself, he’s broken America. He’s normalized the completely unacceptable, and that’s not going away when he does.


Wasn’t this the guy who waited 3 days after Charlottesville saying he “wanted to get the facts” before he said something?


I’m not suggesting anyone lays down and dies. Waiting until Trump’s term is over would be equivalent to laying down.

I’m suggesting that there’s no reason to believe that the issues we all have with white supremacy, neo-conservatism, globalism, ${whatever it is you disapprove of}, will end with Trump.

There’s no reason to believe that those in power will give up that power easily because of a term limit.


I, and even many Republicans were convinced that the party had shot itself in the foot by putting an unelectable buffoon at the top of the ticket.


Nope, not yet.


You miss my point.

There’s always a reason to believe things can get better; if for no other reason than to keep one’s self sane.

But one must also do the requisite work and not just give up even when shit looks hopeless.

Do Not Go Gentle


It’ll take more than posting unattributed Dylan Thomas quotes, but we Canadians wish you well.


Things may not last that long. The world cannot sustain two fat men with bad hairdos and huge egos simultaneously. Between Trump and Li’l Kim, this globe is on the brink.


Gee, ya think?

And I was so sure that would do it!


I think one has to be careful when using the term “intelligence” partner with #45.


Apparently, not all Canadians are polite.


I bet he could even point them out in a police lineup

“Him, the dark skinned guy, he looks good for this”.