Trump tweets islamophobic video from far-right British criminal


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Every day I think it can’t get worse, then it gets worse.




It is like he’s trying to distract us from something…


Guy dies and goes to Hell. A demon docent gives the guy a tour showing all possible variations of spending eternity in damnation. Finally they come across a room where people are standing in knee deep shit drinking coffee. The guy chooses this room for eternity and grabs a cup coffee and before he can finish his cup a demon approaches and screams “Break time is over bitches! Get back on your heads!”

Every day in trumpworld.



Not surprised he did something like that to be honest. I mean, he is turning more and more into Mussolini with each passing day though (at 11:14)


I don’t use Twitter but I see there’s a ‘Report Tweet’ option. I assume it does the square root of fuck all, but does anyone know different?


I am pretty sure if there is one for the president’s account it works as well as those buttons for crosswalks - which are just placebos.


Verified. The tweets haven’t been deleted at the time I’m posting this 6:48AM Pacific


Feels an awful lot like this is right in 45’s wheel house.


Paul Joseph Watson is trying too hard at pretending Trump isn’t personally and solely responsible for every single turd he tweets.


Why would they be deleted?


I am less than suprised


I don’t buy the distraction argument. Trump isn’t trying to distract us from anything, he’s trying to draw our attention to something. That something is him. It’s all “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!”


I just reported them. :slight_smile:


Yes. Trump’s shown, again and again, that he doesn’t have the smarts, and more importantly neither the focus nor the attention span, to pull off successful distraction plays. He’s merely flailing around like a narcissistic idiot he is, and demanding that people pay attention to him.


I thought Chris Cillizza (CNN) conveyed a good observation about trump yesterday:

“…the simpler explanation is that Trump is playing – and has always been playing – zero-dimensional chess. There is no grand strategy. There is no broad blueprint. There is just impulse, reaction and then reaction to the reaction.”

“The arc of his presidency is that there is no arc. There are just a series of dots on a board. You can try to draw a line in between them all but there’s really no through line other than ego and personal grievance”. CNN


That’s the whole story. If there was a master plan, he would flub it. But there’s no master plan. Just a simple man with complicated problems, no impulse control, and no clue.


Let’s all imagine for a moment that Barack H. Obama had retweeted multiple provocative videos from, say, Louis Farrakhan when he was President. Does anyone doubt for a moment that every single news outlet in the country would be leading with that story, and that half the country and most of Congress would be calling for his resignation?