America's top 99 problems


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Not included: A b****.


So, basically a list of left wing talking points. Cool.

I’ve just decided to never click on anything Rob posts ever again.

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Was disappointed that it boiled down to a long joke, essentially.

But #5 is definitely true. Unfortunately, #6 should be:

A profound disagreement on what is the proper perspective of what is and is not important.

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Left wing talking points?!?! I guess that’s a sufficient rebuttal on the Internet. Actually, I’ve noticed it’s sufficient rebuttal in American politics. Call someone a liberal - or better yet a Limousine Liberal or a Tax-and-Spend Liberal - and boom, nothing they say or think matters anymore.

But back to left wing. Not seeing it. Please explain.


I am disappointed that Alzheimer’s is only in the list once.


Liberal problems are actual, real problems instead of fake, “it all blah people’s fault” problems.


How was this list made? What criteria was used to make it on the list? How was positioning determined?


So you are just reposting Gawkers lazy clickbait now?

I suspect that @ShabadO was refererring to points like:

  • The misguided war on drugs
  • Too many guns
  • Unwise deregulation of financial markets

Just to list a few of the points which a Republican would either not think are issues, or best case, would think were given inappropriate numbers in the list of priorities. Though I agree with you that the vast majority of list entries don’t lean towards a specific political view.

Pedant moment – the list itself comes from HamNo; Max just did the “intro.” (Easy to understand the misattribution tho, since the list contains no reference to Williamsburg : - )

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100: Taking stuff too seriously.



The too many guns one I can definitely see. Especially at number 10. I would have gone with “irrational gun culture”, and put it somewhere in the high 50’s.

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