Amid bus driver shortage, high school uses charter bus with stripper poles

Originally published at: Amid bus driver shortage, high school uses charter bus with stripper poles | Boing Boing

Good on Mayers for turning the attention generated by his hilarious Tweet about Idiot America into a teaching opportunity. His point about attending school board meetings is especially timely since right-wing death cultists have adopted a new strategy of showing up to harass and intimidate members with the aim of taking over.


When I was in elementary and middle school in semi-rural SC in the late ‘80s, our school district paid high school seniors to drive the daily buses. Not sure if that was due to a driver shortage or just because the school board was made up of idiots. Both are simultaneously possible.


In the olden times, I remember school buses that did have poles in the aisle for hanging on to when they were overloaded.


I mean… it could just be a tetherball pole with no ball.


I thought those were structural supports–part of the roll cage for the passenger compartment.

Why not call them dancer poles? Many dancers (and acrobats) use such poles in their performances, even those who keep their costumes on.

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(seriously though, at the high school level, this would have been so funny)

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And there are strippers that don’t use a pole.

Or so I have heard, might have read it in a book :innocent:

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