Amusing matchboxes show drunk cats in "good, embarrassing and confusing situations"


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I want them! I was sad to see they’re not antiques, but still wonderful!


Twenty Dollar matchboxes?! Maybe, if I can find a place for them between all those Porsche-Design candy bars and gold-plated toilet paper…


Delightful! This has inspired me to print stuff out, cut it up, and glue it to other stuff.

What a cool (and non-obvious, to me) art concept!


Yea, you kind of glossed over the “stuff.” I’ll be eager to see if your designs are as charming as these!


My praise was genuine, if a bit ambiguous in using the word “stuff”. I chose that word because of the wide variety of possibilities open to exploration. I am honestly excited about the work presented.

I used to collect a paycheck working as a hand bookbinder using centuries-old techniques. One of those techniques was printing labels and affixing them to the spines and/or covers of books, though we also stamped gold leaf directly into books’ spines and covers.

I also did work as an art student making paper from natural fiber sources like plants, and I also did printmaking - so I do have experience with that kind of stuff. The cat matchboxes are quite charming, certainly more so than your reply to me.


Absolutely charming.


Awe… me likey! But $20/box. Somehow, can’t stop hand… from clicking… link… placing items… in cart… AGGHHH!!!


“Everybody knew the words!” Wonderful! This makes my god damned day! :rofl:


You used the word wonderful, I used the word wonderful… these kitty matchboxes must be wonderful!


Sorry, my sarcasm detector is on the fritz today. False positive. In that case, remove the ironic sneer from my last sentence - I’ll be eager to see if your designs are as charming as these!


I’m with you.

I have all these skills built up over the years and I would love to put them to use for something good, but I just can’t figure out what that “something good” should be. Ideally something that would also allow me to leave my current career.

Good luck!





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