Collections of boring and mundane things

Don’t have anything interesting to share? Lack the room/time/money/talent to have a collection of really cool stuff?

This threads for you.

Post pics or descriptions of your everyday, dull collections. The banana labels stuck on your monitor. The old connectors you’ll never use that are rattling around in your desk drawer. The dust-bunny ranch under the sofa.

And because I’m really on an upswing this week, I’m going to make this competitive and maybe offer a prize, so some guidelines…

  • If you’re unable/unwilling to post pics, a good description will do instead.
  • Four Yorkshiremen style one-downing is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  • Be reasonably honest. If you’re spending time shooping collections of old gas-station receipts, it might be your hobby of doing that is less interesting than the results of it, so would make a better entry.
  • They’ll be some voting or number of likes or something to decide the winner as well.
  • Probably some other guidelines too when I think of them.

Grand Prize Details

For the winner (through means yet to be determined) I’ll offer a gloriously technicolour picture postcard, sent from an exotic locale though proper postal mail and everything, not one of these cheapo e-postcards. Something you can pin to your fridge or cubicle wall and be the envy of your co-workers, neighbours or characters that inhabit your rich internal dialogue.


Damn. And I thought mine was gonna be good and original. Oh, well: second least-interesting then:

I’m no longer in possession of it, but I used to keep all the ticket stubs from when I attended both Friday and Saturday night showings of Rocky Horror at the Ken Cinema. Since it’s a small, indie revival house, it just used those little blue ADMIT ONE dudes you can buy by the roll at Smart & Final, so my collection was essentially a shoebox full of identical blue torn ticket-halves. At last count, there were 111 of them.

Can’t imagine when or why it got thrown out.


I collect Sweet Leaf Tea caps. The fridge at work stays stocked with soda, weird juices, and Sweet Leaf Tea. Each one looks very much the same as all the others.


I’ll recuse myself from any competition, but I have a collection of 8 lolly sticks in my desk draw.

They are wooden and measure appx. 95mm by 16mm and are marked “Magnum” on one end and an upper case “M” on the other. Some of them have faint traces of chocolate stains and one was once used to shim a wobbly printer.
No pictures as the camera’s not working again but they look like this:


Talking about small collections at a display.

Edit: to add it’s not work of mine.


Because who really gets that messy at each meal?


Are these mundane enough?

Paper cranes - I make 'em whenever I can remember to do so.

Colored pencils - I’ve had some of 'em for 30 years.

Should I post my bead and button collections? Yarn? Fabric?


Nice. It’s a pity there’s no pics of that. Were they the proper thick paper tickets or the fancier card ones?

Artfully displayed, as well.

I hope those Tamagotchi are being fed.

Somewhere, a flight is grounded and waiting for those.

Sure, but if they’re that interesting, might merit a thread of their own.
I’d post my fabric heap, but :camera: :broken_heart:


The paper ones, the kind that would soon dissolve into blue oatmeal when stuck to the side of a sweating large cup of Mr Pibb.

Weirdly, I just (while typing this) realized that I have a wooden one of those tickets right here on my desk at work. I have absolutely no idea how it got there… never seen it before in my life.


+1 for making me not the only person to have mentioned Mr. Pibb today.


That is weird. Wooden ticket, appeared from nowhere. Is it for the Magic Theater?

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I have that same mug!

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