Amy Crehore and other women artists featured at Miura Jiro gallery in Tokyo

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Hmmm…no comments so far. Well – my fellow commentariat (please meet my straw-women.) -

If a man made this sort of art - doesn’t matter if the subjects were young men - or women - the thread would be very active with screams of hemophilia - mostly from women.

Now what on Gdos green Earth would these artworks have to do with hemophilia? Jeeeez…



Forgot to add my actual idea - I really like this artwork…it’s interesting. It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed my art appreciation terms from university so I won’t even try.

I don’t know art - well - but I know what I like. Okay…I do know art, sorta, but I’m pedantic and would go on and on and on. Plus it really has been a while since I’ve used or even reviewed the art terms I might use so I might have gotten them wrong which would make me look like a foolish windbag which I am not. I am tired of being called a windbag. Let me briefly tell you why I am not a windbag:

  1. I am succinct. I make efficient use of the English language, which is to say I am conccccccccccccc

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