An Adventure To Pepperland Through Rhyme & Space: hip hop/Beatles mashups


As good a time as any to re-mention DJ BC’s three Beastles albums:


Oh man, I want to hear Ringo’s collaboration with Anthrax! What a loss to humanity!

It doesn’t look like it’s attributed, but the album is by Tom Caruana, he’s put out a Wu Tang meets the Beatles album and a Jimi Hendrix/WuTang mixup that’s great. Also, two albums as Tom Bombadil. A severely underrepresented artist, one of my personal favorites.


Thanks! I was Googlin’ all over, trying to find where someone named the culprit. Loved the Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers, excited to find the Hendrix mash I’ve missed!

Perfect thing to find the day after I finished Reading Pirate Cinema!

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