An afternoon with L.A.'s lady-in-pink: Angelyne


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Speaking for myself, I would rather ride in a black Corvette with Elvira.


Well, that’s an apropos typo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :anguished:


Both sound like a wonderful time, but if I had the chance to ride with Elvira it would have to be that awesome 1959 Ford Thunderbird


Your friend Allee Willis wrote some great songs! (and also the Friends theme…)

Wikipedia says she won a grammy for the Beverly Hill Cop soundtrack, and graduated from Mumford High. Was she responsible for Eddie wearing the Mumford Phys Ed t-shirt?


No idea who this lady is. A short primer on why she’s famous would have been much appreciated. She sounds like a fun gal though :slight_smile:


I recognized her as she featured in the best cartoon of all time…


I never knew she wrote the Friends theme song.


She didn’t. Allee Willis wrote the Friends theme. I was confused by that comment, so looked up the wikis on both women.


sorry for the confusion! i’ve added her name to my comment.


I just dove into the knowledge well on Angelyne. Interesting stuff, seems like her very own brand of happy mutant.



I never met Angelyne when I was living in L.A. but I did get Harry Perry to serenade my wife and I on the day I proposed to her at Venice Beach.


You mean Lucio from Overwatch?


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