An American Hippie in Israel


Those anthropomorphic computers were doing very important work for Amiga demo prototypes.

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So, not the one based on the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber?


Stop Pushing Buttons, Mannn.

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Fun fact: A friend of mine tracked down a film copy of the movie a couple of years ago (it was never released commercially and practically forgotten for decades). He got the Tel Aviv Cinematheque to have a midnight screening of it once a month (Rocky Horror style). One of the main actors, who is now 80 years old, shows up every time and seems to have a blast.

It’s a pretty terrible movie!


Pleasantly surprised.
I half expected to see an article about somebody getting run over by a bulldozer.


Speaking of crazy stuff filmed in Israel:

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Everybody really needs to quit their stupid jobs and go explore careers where people are comfortable with the areola.

Safety for Areolas!


He wants to get away from violence so he moves to the Middle East?


Yeah, I thought the same.

Maybe he choose that place when high. You know, like, really HIGH.

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I’ve flitted back and forth over the years.
I think the only way to really tell is if you see yourself on the stage or in the audience… and it changes from time to time.

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And thus “never trust a hippie”

“Shut your ass!”

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