An animal filled a microwave antenna with over 300 pounds of acorns


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NICE! I cut into a hollow birch tree in the forest once. It was maybe 12" diameter, with a central hollow zone of about 6". The ENTIRE trunk, maybe 25 feet of the 30 or 40 total height, was chock full of various types of nuts. I felt bad. Had I known, I would have left it. What I did was leave the tree fallen so that the squirrels could relocate their storage, and they did. I kept checking back and the nuts were receding up the trunk a little by little. Or they were being eaten, but I didn’t see shells, so I think they were being relo’ed to a new storage facility.


Dang greedy one percenter animals.


Oh brother. I totally walked into that one.


We all know who did it.



I like to picture a squirrel watching that from a nearby tree, its tiny face frozen in total despair


Gallons, pounds, same difference, right?


Actually, BB’s headline for this is wrong. As they point out in the video, it was actually 35-50 gallons of acorns, or about 300 pounds in total. That’s a hell of a lot of acorns.


I’m disappointed in the squirrel (or woodpecker. whatever.). Corn + microwaves = much more fun.


In unrelated news, this squirrel was seen screaming, “I’m ruined! Ruined! There is nothing left!” Before throwing him self out of a 30 story building.



Paging Dr. Carson…


Imagine the conversation with the family that night.

“Sorry kids we’re going to have a tough winter, the pink ones raided our stockpile.”

While Mrs. Squirrel glares angrily from the kitchen. Dad squirrel knows what she’s thinking: she told him not to store all the nuts in one spot and he did it anyways.


Of course not, they stacked grain.


Sorry Squirrel Fans, but it almost certainly was a woodpecker, and probably an Acorn Woodpecker

If so, that wasn’t just one bird’s supply, but an entire flock that got looted, leaving multiple families desperately trying to find more acorns in the middle of drought. All so you could download that next web page a little faster.

I hope you cell phone power users feel good about yourselves.

(actually, the birds probably couldn’t have retrieved most of those acorns anyway, and they typically have multiple stashes, so they’re not much worse off)



Wouldn’t the microwaves, or whatever, hurt the woodpeckers? Those towers always look so scary.


Depends on the power density. May have no effect, may contribute to cataracts over long term, may feel a bit warm, or can cause internal or even external burns.

Also, more photos. The acorn one was featured, inter alia, in the Microwave Mortuary.


Squirrels did this to my wife’s grandfather’s car. In his garage. They stuffed the air cleaner, and every other place under the hood that would hold an acorn. He was lucky they never figured out how to get into the passenger compartment or trunk!

He got too old to drive and parked the car in the garage, and a year later noticed acorns occasionally falling out of the grille and beneath the engine.