An appreciation of the long-lost MP3 player skins of yesteryear


I like Nero better. I did a lot of DVD ripping and AAC-LC requires roughly 48-64kbps per channel to sound good for a 5.1 mix.

With Nero, I can do AAC-HE either v1 or v2. Usually I just did v1, and that let me encode a whole 5.1 track at 192kbps instead of 240-320kbps. (“sound good” is subjective here. I mean is good enough for simulated 7.1 headphones watching movies.)

I don’t know if Apple’s AAC encoder had support for multichannel AAC-HE, but Nero’s consistently worked well.


MS appear to be doing their damnedest to ensure that day never arrives though.


Is apple even about usability anymore?

As far as I can tell, iDevices have become a status symbol that also happens to function as a practical device, rather than a piece of hardware.

That uncracked screen means you bought it recently.

I doubt it matters all that much that iDevices have “usability”. At this point android isn’t really any worse in that department. It’s just there’s too many different android devices to hold aloft and proclaim your wealth with, while there’s always this year’s rosegold iphone.


I recall reading (maybe here?) that iTunes is typically developed by a team of about two devs at a time(presumably the actual interface part - obviously lots of people working on bits and pieces in the background for various functions like encoding), and that’s it. And, because no one likes it, it’s a bit of a red headed step child that gets robbed off to whoever was too slow to say “bags not” when it comes up. Seems weird for such a big company, but it makes sense if you consider how bad it is, and the weird total-change-of-metaphores that occurs between versions.


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