An astounding gigapixel panorama of Paris affords "an eyeful of the Eiffel"

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Eiffel tower is hopeless. A much better place to shoot photos is the Tour Montparnasse (the black solitary tower visible in the panorama). Very few people go there, so no wait and no crowds (and the tickets are very cheap!). There is both a panoramic restaurant and an open observation deck at the very top of the skyscraper. And the view is breathtaking - and a bonus you get the Eiffel tower in the view and the ugliest skyscraper in Paris out of the picture (since you are standing on it!).

A much better experience than the insane crowds and chaos at the Eiffel tower, IMO.


Hey, I can see my house from up here!


Yes! I came here to say exactly this! Everybody hates it, so much so that they say the best view of Paris is from the Tour Montparnasse because from there, you can’t see the Tour Montparnasse.
But then, people said exactly the same thing about the Eiffel Tower just after it was built…

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