This 3D animation shows you what's inside Seattle's famous Space Needle

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And the Eiffel Tower is only half as high as this would have been if they had built it for the World Fair in 1937…


Re: the advertisement, at the end of the video, for a baldness cure compound in vials.

I wonder if it also regrows the cilia in your inner ear, to bring back sensitivity to high frequencies and so reverse hearing loss. Has anyone looked into that?

My mother took me to Seattle with her on business just after the World’s Fair ended in 1962, when I was three, and we went up into the Space Needle. I was disappointed in how it was designed to not let you lean out over the edge, but she bought me a little yellow-green plastic toy Space Needle that I loved and eventually lost. It was like this one, about five inches high:

I’ve seen others. The soft plastic/rubber antenna on the top is always bent to one side or broken off entirely. They all started out straight but then they bent over. Something in the material used. Or maybe everyone just treats them the way I did mine, carrying it everywhere for years in their pocket or in their hand, bending the top back and forth with their little thumb.

Marco McClean

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A friend in Seattle gave us a tip: if the view is what you are after, skip the Space Needle and go to the observation deck of the Bank of America building which was uphill from the Space Needle. From there you could look down on the Needle and you also have a better view of Puget Sound. It was also cheaper than the Space Needle. Unfortunately I do not know if they are still in that tall building or not.


How the heck did I miss “The Loupe”? I was up there back in the early 2000s and didn’t notica a glass floor. Is there an extra charge for that maybe?



When they were planning the space needle, a helicopter was flown over the site, and they took pictures at various heights. The story goes that originally the idea was to build it 1000 feet high. But the views from that height weren’t any better than 600 feet.

(Lower than 600 feet, and Queen Anne hill really cuts off a large swath of the northerly view)

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Would love to see more animations like this for places I’ve strained my neck photographing from the lobby and surrounding gardens. They’d make great content for my upcoming web site, sponsored by KeepsMyFeetOntheGround. :wink:

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@PsiPhiGrrrl Horizons?

Visited back in the 90’s and had lunch at the SkyCity restaurant. Apparently it’s temporarily closed for renovation. Love Jared Owen’s animations.

Like others I prefer to look at the space needle and instead go here for the views.

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