This guy made a periscope so he could see the Eiffel Tower out his window


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Or maybe a PARISscope?
I’ll just show myself out now.

This only works if you live in Paris.

Goddamn it, I already cut the hole in my roof.

Actually, one of the things that is weird to me here in Tucson is that anyone with a second floor has (potentially) stunning views of mountains in any direction, but A) almost no-one has a second floor here and B) when they do, nine times out of ten they’ve only got small crappy windows, or they’ve managed to point them in the one direction that doesn’t have mountains or does have something occluding the view. For a place with a rather extreme climate matched with an iconic landscape, there’s a phenomenal amount of don’t-give-a-shitness put into housing construction here.

Anyway, I’ll be revisiting this if we wind up with a house that lacks a view…


That and some cheese, wine, a little Serge Gainsbourg crooning, what more can you ask for…


I have a simple hack that will make it work wherever you happen to be…




I tried, but failed to contain my groan.




You dirty dog…


Wait, isn’t this a copyright violation?


Mustelid, dammit.


Talk about a live feed.


This only works if you live in Paris.

Or Vegas?


He should make a Pepper’s Ghost box so he could have a hologram (nyuk nyuk) of the Eiffel Tower inside his apartment!


No, Felonius Gru stole the one in Vegas.

Not to mention the Statue of Liberty, also Vegas.


anyway one of the facts that the movies have taught me is that it doesn’t matter where in Paris the apartment is, you can see the Eiffel Tower.


With a projector or a large LCD screen, he could have a fake window to anywhere.

There is a method of using Kinect-class sensor to detect the position of the viewer, and adjust the image appropriately, resulting in a form of 3d display. For single-user systems this could be a sufficiently convincing simulation of view out of a window.



Or many fine mini-golf establishments!


If most houses had a second floor, wouldn’t that make it so most of the views out second floor windows were of the second floors of other houses?


It would block some, but it would elevate you above all the other obstructions (fences, shrubbery, etc.)

Most houses here are advertised with “Mountain Views”! And that means that if you stand on a stepladder in a particular spot in the yard and peer in the right direction over the next roof but under that one tree branch, the grey mass you see is part of a mountain.


“I put a skylight in my apartment. The people upstairs are furious.”
-Steven Wright