This guy made a periscope so he could see the Eiffel Tower out his window

Reminds me of the palindrome
As I pee, sir, I see Pisa


ugh can’t believe I FELL for that


When I was a kid we lived in Paris for a year. You could see the Eiffel tower from our apartment - real small, between some buildings, if you stood in just the right spot in the living room. I think in my case, standing on the couch might have been involved.


If only there were a live image you could project on your giant screen TV.

Oh wait, there is.

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My office door faces another guy’s and isn’t visible from most of my office. I got sick of walking over to see if visitors were knocking on his or my door, so installed a convex mirror near my door. Then I got sick of turning around from my desk to look in the convex mirror, so I installed a second mirror by the desk. With a few more in the hallways, I should be able to attend department meetings from my office.


That was the scene from the latest Godzilla that amused me the most - how to have the monster du-jour destroy famous world landmarks? Send 'em through Vegas. :wink:


Pffftt. If Hollywood has taught me anything, it’s that all windows in Paris have a clear view of the Eiffel Tower.


Pffft. Surely it’ll work anywhere with big enough mirrors in orbit. Or melt the Eiffel tower, whatevs. It’d be an event either way.


Pffft, biff-boff. [draws blind over view of Eiffel Tower, projects opening credits of 400 Blows on it]

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