Incredible Hollywood home with outdoor movie "theater"


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So that’s how the rich folks live…


I wonder how much of this house will be paid for via use in TV commercials and as a film location. I’m 90% sure I’ve already seen a cell phone commercial set inside it.


I guess that beats my outdoor movie theater where I hang a sheet on the clothes line and project onto that.


You’re lucky. I have to prop my tablet against my feet while I lay in a $17 flea market lawn chaise. Ah, to be rich.


What’s really incredible is the movie projector that can project darkness onto a white screen in the daytime.


American income disparity on display.


too much glass.
you want zombies?
'cause that’s how you get zombies.


Total Jackie Treehorn vibe going on there.


Since the exact same frame of the movie is shown day and night it has to be a mural.


imagine trying to keep all that glass clean.


That’s what servants are for, silly.


A tablet? Must be nice. I haven’t watched a movie outdoors since the bulb on my 16mm projector burned out.


The servants on glass-cleaning duty are the lucky ones.


Surely your neighborhood doesn’t allow strays!?


free dinner!
cat kebabs and a movie.
sounds like a dream.


That used to be our backyard after a nice snow (or sometimes our garage)

(We’d point the projector outside and watch shows from upstairs. It was fun!)


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