Your home is becoming your own private movie theater and you can upgrade your equipment with this sale

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I have, just, SO much money, I can afford ANYTHING!
Just as you suggest thousands, you so bling! Suppose I’m so lower-class. My private movie theatre is so jealous.

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The irony is that the “old weather-vane-on-top-of-your-house” will probably get you a far better signal. Indoor antennas are just about the worst option possible. Modern broadcasts use the exact same frequency spectrum as the old analog broadcasts, so even an old rabbit ears or coat hanger will work just fine. But it won’t say “HD” on it or be covered in a big plastic shell.


In the nothing ever changes category, the outside antenna you mention (rightfully) as better than the “HD” one very likely was marketed as a “color TV” antenna.


Should I be wearing a suit while watching TV creepily staring at my partner? Have I been doing it wrong?


…just finished watching Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes - great fun! Here’s our home theater setup.

Feet towards the fire on a cool evening (we keep the heat off to save electro-dollars), Total Control Laptop in my lap (as it should be!), my wife to my left (I’m her right-hand-man). BTW: I’ve turned the lights on so you can see the awesome setup (it’s usually mood-bendingly dark).

At a 4.5’ viewing distance, that 22" monitor looks like an 8 FOOT WIDE SCREEN! (as far as field of view goes…)

The speakers are mounted using elastomeric resilient bando-liners (delivered to our mailbox by the USPS along with a huge pile of junk mail daily).

Enjoying the show while slamming down a Steel Reserve 16 ounce can of hugh gravity lager - THE LIFE!!


And the best reception device known: the GFX-1000 !!

Gotta read the (absolutely truthful!) copy…


seen from twenty feet away.

I love how it’s basically just a regular rabbit ears antenna with a giant plastic satellite dish on it. Great ad copy, too.

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I’m almost certain the scenery on the screen is

Shouldn’t this article be listed with a gray box around it that says “From the Boing Boing store” like other store-related articles? Just saying.

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Except because the digital signal doesn’t degrade gracefully like analog did, its usable range is far less. I can’t receive a single digital TV broadcast over the air where I live, and I’m within 20 miles of TWO major metropolitan areas. Digital TV is a disaster for access.


Right-Oh! I left out the rest of my comparison - thanks for filling it in!

I get it. I’m surrounded by hills and even though all the broadcast towers are within 15 or so miles I can one pick up like 2 major networks (and somehow like 20 different shopping channels). I would probably have better luck if I could mount an outdoor antenna, but HOA rules and all that.

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And at a 4.5" viewing distance, that 2" smartwatch…

Finally, I can fulfill my dream of sitting on the couch with the wife, way overdressed, watching… the screensaver?

200 lumen projector! I bet you could see that Just great if you were in a bunker. Oh wait…

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Don’t tell me what my home is becoming.

My dream too! Screen save us!

You mean popcorn covered sticky floors and butter stained upholstery? :thinking:

No comment. :-/

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