An Egyptian artist turned a taxi into a Transformer

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Darn, I was hoping it actually transformed and wasn’t just a static statue. Pretty cool, though.

Hey, the Michael Bay films may have blown chunks, but honestly, “Bumblebee” was pretty darn good. Probably because Bay had nothing to do with it.


It looks like Boingers use “transformer” in the same way they use “gentleman”.


Headline can be shortened to “Egyptian artist Transformatized a taxi”


The Egyptians build 'em big.

Dontcha just love the idiots in the twit thread who don’t know the difference between 7m and 7ft? Osiris wept.


Somebody tell this guy that a Transformer that doesn’t transform is just a statue.

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Trigger warning: Selfish whine below.

I’m too old and the wrong generation for Transformers. I’m aware of them, but they don’t have any emotional resonance for me. What does have emotional resonance is RT. I hate RT. I have good reason to do so. My Mother-in-Law (and my now deceased Father-in-Law) started to watch RT (in the UK) because they felt BBC was biased. Well, yes, the Beeb IS biased, but it’s detectably biased, for the most part. So they watched RT instead, and now they - she, now - is filled with the kind of conspiracy theories that would make a Trumper step back. We gently try to guide her back to rationality, and suggest that maybe RT is biased, but no, she won’t have that. Anyway, watch out for the concealed dog-whistles in the RT video. Rant over. I’m going to lie down now.


Thats pretty neat, I would say.

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