An end to Japanese whaling programs




An end to Antarctic whaling I believe. Not sure about other locations of Japanese whaling. ( nor am I sure the distribution of Japanese whaling)


This isn't one of those cases where the government agrees to stop something, but then does nothing to prevent its citizens from doing it anyway is it?


Looks like Antarctic was about 80% of their activity in recent years.


Or, like Iceland and Norway they will just ignore the IWC and reject the moratorium.


Couldn't they have applied their years of "research" to a paper proving how delicious whales are?


These damn whales keep flinging themselves onto our harpoons! They must be delici-er-depressed...


Another Article from independent

Meanwhile Norway and Iceland reject a 1986 moratorium on commercial whaling imposed by the International Whaling Commission and conduct for-profit whaling.

So Japan was taken to Court for trying to go around the moratorium but Norway and Iceland aren't ?
or even pressured ? would the environment terrorist go for Norway and Iceland now ? or they will still haunt Japan
because they are easier target and last they went after Europeans they nearly lost the boat ?


If you read the ABC (Australia) article, the difference is that Japan signed on to the treaty and the moratorium. It's never rejected them. Just claimed that it got a research exemption. Now that exemption has been successfully challenged. Japan could always just remove themselves from the moratorium and treaty. But they have said they'll abide by the ruling.


if they withdraw from the treaty would Australia stop its crusade ? would the environment terrorist stop going after Japanese fishing boat ? no , they will still keep at them , they are after all not European



I don't know why they're hunting whales in the oceans. All they have to do is stand outside a McDonald's in Atlanta with a net.


Aaaand, with the use of that phrase I know I don't need to feel obliged to respect anything further you might say...


Do you advocate eating the whales till they all die?


Whales are actually surprisingly not delicious. They somehow taste excessively gamy, excessively greasy, and fishy all at the same time, and this is coming from someone who generally likes greasy, gamy meat.


The government spends $30m on the hunt annually, so without their cashola it's not gonna happen. The program loses money.


They could do that, except the ICJ has ruled that Japan cannot hunt in the Southern Ocean. There's a difference between sailing half-way round the world to hunt whales in a whale sanctuary and Iceland & Norway who hunt whales in their own geographic region and at vastly lower numbers than the Japanese.


space_monkey is right. My experience was that it was very porky to begin with but left an aftertaste of fishy rubber. Awful.


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To be fair, my understanding is that even if Iceland, Norway and Japan took their full quotas it probably wouldn't affect the survival of whales.

My main problem is that Japan hunt in a fucking whale sanctuary, burn tonnes and tonnes of heavy fuel oil getting there from Japan and break the law in other ways (such as last season they refuelled in an areas which are strictly against the law due to their proximity to Antarctica).

Furthermore Japanese taxpayers foot the bill for the hunt each year when their country is in a bit of a financial bind at the moment. Post-tsunami the region which is home to the Japanese whaling fleet gave funds earmarked for rebuilding and recovery to the whaling industry to repair their stuff (a bunch of it was damaged during the tsunami). Note: this was not money donated by people, it came directly from the government, but I'm sure the local residents could have used that $28.5m since it was raised through taxing them anyway.