An entire village built on the roof of a huge building

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Unlike generation starship tribes, I guess they’re unlikely to forget that they’re living on a 10 story building.

“Oh Devin, give up looking for ‘the stairs’, they’re just a myth!”


But how’s the parking?


It takes a village…


why would they make streets as if there were cars there

I wondered the same thing, but it looks like there are cars up there. On the lower left corner of the photo, it looks like that’s where the parking garage connects to the village. Weird.


Looking at the full size image you can see the ramp coming up from the parking garage in the bottom left corner and cars in some of the carports.

built on top of a ten story building above a shopping mall and parking garage

ETA @anon21100188 beat me to it.


I assume / hope the building itself is a parking structure, since about 80% of its floor space receives less natural light than a forgotten tomb. If so, it would be nbd to provide for cars on the roof.

ETA even if it is a parking structure, in a city on the equator, they could have saved a lot of electricity with a couple of light wells (as is often done with this kind of building). I doubt there are many other places this could work.

This is pretty cool :slight_smile: i presume retrofitting existing buildings to have something like this would make this something very niche but i love the idea. Sadly if done in the US i would imagine this as something only well off people could afford.


Yeah, in the US it would be a single penthouse with a personal (almost completely unused) manicured garden/cocktail area.


Look at the haze in the background. Is there more smog up there, or less?


Where Did Cosmo Park?


I’d guess that service vehicles still need access.

I’m curious how they reinforced the structure to support the weight of a neighborhood. Aside from that Guardian article, I can’t find much about the place.

Ideally (and probably) it’s designed like that from the start.
But even reinforcing an existing structure would be fairly easy; the additional total load from the “village” would be roughly the same as adding another storey. You’d want to place the heavy bits directly on top of the load bearing elements to keep things simple, though.


I do know that some buildings might have overbuilt specs in case additions are made in the future, but i am curious what they did in this particular case. Either way the pic is great :smiley:

So there’s public housing and there is penthousing.

Just up the design load a bit.

Jakarta’s pretty famous for its smog. I wonder if things are better ten stories up?

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