Public road built on top of 5-story building in China

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I’m only more confused by the video. How do the cars get up there? Does it connect to something in the back? It’s basically a loop for the people who live there?

And boy, you think your upstairs neighbors are loud now.


What’s old is new again, I guess? Stuff like this is pretty common in older cities, I know there’s some areas in Scotland that are still like this.

If it’s anything like those, the building is actually on the side of a hill and there’s a small bridge connecting to a more common ground-based road it around the corner and in back.


This is the begenning of a sci-fi hetrotopia, except that it’s happening now.

Most of me loves this. Part of me wonders about the build quality of any infrastructure, in any country. How was this built? Who oversaw the building and design of the road to insure the public’ safty? What happens in an earthquake?

I wonder if future buildings will directly incorporate structures to support roads that are to be built in the future. I wonder if this will lead to a different kind of urban planning.

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Reminds me of how much of NYC’s High Line (before it became a gentrifier’s paradise) was built through buildings, and buildings around it.


I wish they had done something like this in NYC when the expressways were built. Like, that they’d trimmed rows of buildings down to 4-5 stories and capped them with roadway (free roof!). Instead, they demolished thousands of beautiful buildings (by abusing safety and condemnation laws) and wiped out dozens of distinct communities and cultures.


My secret morbid side wants to see what happens when someone drives over the edge.

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I want to know where the tree roots go.

Knowing the general meme of “China Quality” the answers to most of your questions are likely saddening, depressing and horrifying.

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Seeing as it’s China, you won’t have to wait long.

I guess the combination with a residential building is unusual but have you people never been in a parking garage? It’s this kind of multi-level building, sometimes even more than five, where you can even drive on the roof! Crazy.


Great idea! I’ve long thought it bonkers that so much surface area is dedicated solely to motor transportation. However, I suspect it would be easier to engineer if the roads were built at ground level and the buildings above them.

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