An "exploding" coin-box uses cuteness to remind you of the futility of saving


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Or maybe it more accurately represents the steadfastness of our current banking system?




Wait - there are people out there able to save?


I know, right? bizarre. Don’t they know that the murder rate in the US is 10%(or something?) or that most people develop cancer or something before retirement?

Or get hit by cars? Or elect trump?


Are you kidding? The whole effort to get rid of cash is so, when the time comes, central bankers can force you to bail-in you savings to prop up private banks. The better analogy would be to put in a coin but then have that MF bite off your whole hand.

Excuse me, I need to go tend my barrels of cash in the New Mexico desert.


Exactly how imminent do you think it is? I’d like to know how much time I have left to blow my savings.


Betting on the collapse of capitalism is a fool’s errand. Nowhere better does the adage “the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay liquid” apply.


This will be me new signature quote.


This would be more realistic if your coin was flung into the pocket of a nearby bankster, who then mocked you until you cried.


“In the long run we are all dead.” - John Maynard Keynes


Last time I saw something like this, it was a bank shaped like a little house – and dropping a coin in caused the house to fall to pieces, revealing a figure sitting on a toilet.

This has the definite benefit of staying all in one piece. (It took me a minute to realize that the symbols on the interior were supposed to be the creature’s guts.)


And a better analogy I have not seen.


We need a less cynical box, one that shows the joy of compound interest.


Maybe so but it’s equally foolish to think it’ll last forever. In that spirit, I give it sixty years. I’ll bet everything I own!


Sorry, but why cash? Cash is just paper. Ultimately, any nation state can print as much of it as it wants to, despite them having institutions to make this a bit harder.


“I’ll never get out of this world alive” - Hank Williams


If savings was what the banking-brokerage-real estate bubble machine wanted, savings interest rates would not have been at 0.2 percent since 2009.


For that, any box will do.
Provided, of course, you can somehow get other people to put their money in your box.


He was right… but if he hadn’t sped up the process, we might have had another handful of good songs.
Maybe even one about overcoming your inner demons.