An iceberg's underbelly



It’s called teal, Alex. A perfectly ordinary Earth colour. Nothing alien about it. Someone I know even painted their house teal. Heck, boingboing seems to be taken over by teal-ish (cyan, really) text and ‘Reply’ buttons.

Mind you, you may be more familiar with parked spacecraft than with icebergs, so all it forgiven.

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So long as you’ve identified it correctly. If it’s a hooloovoo it might be quite upset at that description.


It looks like the Fortress of Solitude.

“Underbelly,” you say.

I have a feeling this is just the tit of the iceberg.


Gimme a whack at that thing: I bet I could carve off a few chunks of some pretty good meth…

I reckon most of that snow was laid down around the time we grasped bronze, and so it fell in world other than the one we are in today.

Some Rosaceae emit an electromagnetic frequency visible to the human eye at of approximately 400+ THz,
Some Violaceae emit an electromagnetic frequency visible to the human eye at approximately 600+ THz,
Sucrose stimulates a few specific heptahelical receptors on a human tounge,
And hyperbole for the sake of poetic discourse when relating physical phenomena to other humans should not disconcert.

Emit, or reflect?

There are a few glowing plants out there but none I am aware of is from either genus. :stuck_out_tongue:

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