Mars is weird


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I hope one day landers will be abundant enough to attempt landings near more visually interesting areas on other worlds, and not just the safe places.

Looks like they cranked the contrast and deepened the blacks… makes for some very pretty pictures!

No shut up you’re weird!


When next flying in your dreams, hazard a glance down at the landscape 'cause I guarantee this stuff is gonna float around the liminal threshold for a while.

First and worst, biatches!


I withdrew the original post for typos. The Interface is poor for accessibility and it should be changed to allow for a larger input font and a fixed width one at that!

As I was trying to say, the image looked enhanced, but it could be like images I’ve seen of polygonial ground in permafrost and turndra regions of earth. On Mars both warer and dry ice would sublime into the thin atmosphere and could cause these kinds of odd textures. It looks like the light level is low, which suggests that the image is from polar area.

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