Weird light photographed on Mars




Martian punk with a laser pointer.


Fremen Scum


It seems most likely to be a cosmic ray strike, given how common they are with Martian pictures (not much atmosphere to reduce to absorb many) and that it shows up in one camera but not the other.


I’m going with ghost. In other news: Mars Is Heaven!


Clearly a Martian mortar. They’re targeting our parachutists.


on two successive days? I may be misunderstanding something but I understood that it was seen twice (on one camera of the two, and not the other, both times).


Dead pixel. Hopefully the rover is under warranty.




Yeah, that’s what the article says. Putting more money on the “shiny rock”.

What’s interesting is that this has suddenly blown up into a “thing”, when NASA says they see this kind of thing every week. :slight_smile:


or a spiffy martian electrical dust devil


That’s the glint off Clint Eastwood’s pearl-handled revolver.


Them’s the spiders I was talkin’ about.


Even if it is a shiny rock it’d be interesting to know what kind of shiny rock. Why is there a mirrored surface on mars, how did it get there?


From my understanding, the “light” didn’t appear in the same spot in the two photographs taken at roughly the same time of day. So two cosmic ray strikes are possible, since they show up in the pictures on a weekly basis. It’s unclear how many pictures they took in that direction at that time of day. If they took more than two (sets), that seems to make the cosmic ray explanation even more likely. The shape of the “light” also seems to be consistent with a cosmic ray strike.




womp rats…


I knew I’d left the stove on. :frowning:


I have a very bad feeling about this.


It’s light seeping in through a crack in the wall of the Area 51 warehouse where the alleged Mars mission is taking place.