Rush Limbaugh: water on Mars is a leftist conspiracy


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Well folks, it never gets boring being right either. Like I am.

Isn’t he cute? When I was 3 I also believed the world is my personal playground. [at the age of 3.2 (+/-) I learnt my lesson: The first kindergarten weeks were instructive]



Isn’t psychological projection amazing to watch? (and by amazing, I mean a combination of infuriating, saddening and amusing…)

I mean, here’s this amazing thing we’ve discovered! Flowing water on another planet, where we’ve been discussing the possibilities of life for centuries.

…and he has to drag it down into the muck of politics, and make a tribal affiliation marker out of denying and denigrating it.



This is what I love most about this story. Someone tells Limbaugh about NASA’s discovery, he dismisses it and in his anecdote the guy who told him about this says “You’re right” and that sparks Limbaugh to somehow do a victory dance and go “It never gets boring being right”.

By the way, I would love for NASA (or ESA, or any credible space agency for that matter) to find a graveyard on Mars. Seriously, I would love for them to find that. Or just something like an abandoned store on Mars with a sign in the window saying “I assure you we’re open”. Anything that would prove intelligent life on Mars existed, really, would be the biggest discovery of the century (and would spark an influx of money going into science).


Color me surprised. There’s no human activity on Mars so shouldn’t the existence of liquid water there be evidence that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax?

I guess I’m overthinking this. Limbaugh wants to dismiss science itself as a “leftist conspiracy”.


If anything I’d think the right wing would be excited for water on Mars – why worry about protecting the environment on Earth if the fantasy of setting up colonies on Mars is made slightly more feasible.


My prediction, we’ll find out Rush has always been a paranoid schizophrenic whose delusions just happened to align with a large enough group of people to make money. Now he’s fading away as his theories begin to get crazy enough for only the truly devoted nut jobs to continue to listen. As I understand, it’s getting harder and harder to find him on the radio


Rush is making me more and more convinced that the Philosophical Zombie is alive and kicking. So to speak.

Why worry when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the environment on earth?


I would lime NASA to fire him into the sun.


Unfortunately, some of the more cynical types might think these discoveries are spread and timed to prop up the interest of the general public in order to justify funding. They don’t see all the benefits we get from the more low key findings and need the occasional “wow” discovery to get them excited and willing to pay for the other missions.


Absolutely nothing wrong? It has Rush Limbaugh et al in it. I’ll take Mars any day.


You’ve got to imagine that even elements of Rush Limbaugh’s own personality are echoing this sentiment.


Has nobody made the obvious “red planet” joke yet? Boingboing, I am disappoint.


It shows the depths of his cavernous ignorance that he would think this has something to do with global warming. I mean, Mars kind of has the opposite problem: its atmosphere has trouble holding onto the gasses it needs to retain the heat from the sun that hits it. Global warming would be something that, on the globe of Mars, helps us!

Plus, a graveyard on mars would be hella cool. Wasn’t there at least one movie about ghosts on mars? If not, I’ll get you a script by the end of the week. :wink:


To be fair, timing of announcements to be of the greatest benefit to the announcers is not unknown. Companies usually (if they have a choice) announce bad news (product recalls, financial losses, etc.) Friday evenings and/or the evening before a major holiday in the hopes that their announcement will be yesterday’s news when the news media gets a hold of it.

Did NASA do that in this case? Absolutely. They chose to release this news Monday morning so that people would be talking about it all week. They even announced they were going to announce something big to build hype. That’s good marketing, just like Apple announcing that they were going to announce something big at their next major meeting. I see absolutely nothing wrong with NASA’s announcement.


Didn’t Rush Limbaugh’s 15 minutes of fame end several years ago?


Hopefully Limbaugh never reads this - as the Mars is surely a liberal lie he will announce this as “Global warming will help us!


He’s kinda right. New and pertinent knowledge should be incorporated in to any agenda if you wish it to remain viable. He’s just tacitly admitting that the current conservative agenda isn’t viable.