Rush Limbaugh says hurricanes are fake news, then runs for his life when Irma comes his way

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Prediction: He’ll say he had to evacuate because of the hordes of BLM thugs, Antifa terrorists, and Muslin Obama supporters being bussed into his neighborhood to take advantage of the evacuation.


Tonight at 11: Right wing celebrity does something nakedly hypocritical, without suffering any drop in popularity. Also in the news tonight: dog bites man, and the Pope is still Catholic.


Limbaugh is both a reprehensible human and a broken record.


Oh, yeah. He’d be taking a huuuge security risk. (obs /s)


He’s afraid someone will jack him for his oxy while he is en route between compounds.


Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


I bear no ill will toward most Floridians, but if Irma concentrates its entire wrath on Limbaugh’s house and Mar-a-Lago that would be kind of awesome.


That’s what Im hoping for.


Perhaps we can enlist the aid of multiple lesbian mayors to control this thing? I’m not sure how it works, if they attract the storm or somehow telepathically direct it, but I’m sure they will sort out the details.


Will Trump have to take a leave of absence from the presidency to survey the damage at Mar-a-Lago?


It’s locked in on the Scientology properties in Clearwater, but a couple side trips should be fine.


Came to make the same observation, but you beat me to it.
There should be some sort of provision in media regulations that bullshitters be forced to eat an amount of real shit in proportion to the amount they spew out to the public.


Sadly there is no lizard overlord conspirecy to blame his behavior on.


I don’t have a single regret about this, but it’s pretty clear his need for security–which in his case means living a life hermetically sealed off from literally everyone not on a pre-approved list of known supporters–is making him miserable.

A while back the NYT magazine did a profile on him. There’s a restaurant he liked–nothing too fancy, but nice. He’d get a private room because of the warring hordes of haters and supporters he’d attract otherwise, but basically he just liked the food and the ambience. And he was known for leaving $10K tips–this isn’t him saying this, it’s the staff.

Now, ask yourself if Rush Limbaugh seems like the type to benevolently drop ten grand out of charity and good-heartedness. Okay, that’s a non-starter. No, this is a guy who understands that a very hefty bribe is necessary before he can tell himself with any confidence that he’s not consuming the server’s urine.

I’m not saying that he’s in any real danger, of course. But remember, this is a guy who hates his fans even more than he hates his haters. Someone yelling “Hey, fuck you, Rush!” from across the street is a minor irritation at best. But the guy who practically wets himself with excitement over you? The guy who clearly listens to every word of your show and swallows it all up as fast as you can spout it, and feels he has a personal relationship with you? In other words, your mark? Coming face to face with that is ugly and hard, and even a strong-willed person couldn’t take much of it in his day.

And Limbaugh is not strong-willed. Let’s put it this way. He’s been married four times. He’s a drug addict–specifically, to the kind of drugs that make the world fade out. He’s a nicotine addict. He’s known to drink heavily. He got fat after he got famous, so it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s medicating with food, too. He travels (as a single man) to a notorious child sex tourism hotspot and gets caught with unprescribed Viagra on his return to the States. Do I think he’s a pedophile? No, I think the idea of hate-fucking some teenager was just maybe exciting enough for him that it was worth exploring to see if it would distract him from his pain. Never mind chasing highs–this is a guy moving mountains in a constant, desperate attempt to claw his way back to “normal” for five minutes before he dies.

Limbaugh is going to do whatever damage he’s going to do before it all catches up with him. But if the thought of him suffering for it is any comfort (and hey, I have to admit it is for me) then we can take a LOT of comfort.


Yep, he’s just a raging asshole for money.


Welcome to addiction; a process where you aren’t trying to get high so much as trying to crawl out of the pit you’re in.

Edit: And if the thought of him suffering brings comfort (I’ll admit as someone who is supposed to abbhore human suffering and misery I get a bit of a chuckle at his expense) he’ll throw the entire world under the bus if it gets him even a few minutes of not-agony. Fear someone that will do anything to make the pain stop.


No, I get it, but I think he’s already doing his level best to fuck the world, so I can’t really be more afraid of him than I have been.

I’m capable of pity for people who have done objectively worse things (e.g., murder), but at some point in the last 25 years I sort of ran out for him. It’s not an inexhaustible resource and I’m not a saint to begin with.


In a normal world that would be an interesting hypothetical question. But in these Trumpian times, rules are being broken left and right by tRump and with no consequences… so far.