An illustrated guide to San Francisco's most unusual statues

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This is great and most of them are walking distance from my work. Although I’m not too happy to be working in downtown SF after a long hiatus, it’s little things like this that make moving among the Air Pod-ded masses a little more bearable.

Lol I know some of these pretty well, as I lurk around regularly.
Here is picture number 3, the pacific stock exchange building, now a gym

THE Alice Cooper?


Yep. This is very close to my work as well. Former San Francisco Curb Exchange, now the facade for an office tower, which you can see hulking behind in the photo.



There were lots of weird statues in the golden age of world fairs and expositions. Here’s one from Birmingham Alabama of all places, it sits on a pedestal overlooking the city maybe 60 ft for the statue and 100 feet for the pedestal. It’s the God Vulcan…naked except for a leather harness and his naked ass hanging out.

Dat ass. Buns of steel.


Where’s the poop and needle statue?

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What, no shaking Ronnie?


I was also going to mention this too. It’s my favorite. So weird.

None of these pics do the head justice. It’s amazing.


reminds me a bit of the statues outside of the Bently Reserve building

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I used to walk by that one on my way to class; it’s a pretty freaky sculpture, for sure.

There’s also “Urge to Stand” nearby, a kinetic sculpture that is set into motion when a person of at least 100 pounds sits on the park bench facing it. Spooked the heck out of me the first time I sat there.


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