An inflatable pillow to make flying in coach tolerable

I sometimes fly with a Therm-a-rest camp seat. The self-inflation works surprisingly well, and the extra inch makes a big difference in the seat comfort and (unexpectedly) in the legroom.

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How dare he use his lever?

Too bad this isn’t a fancy neck pillow.

Hey, compared with the alternative it is.

Seriously, if ones head is where this pillow goes they have other issues.

Well, yes. It may be his lever but it isn’t his space. Especially on Delta, where my legs are now quite literally longer than the distance between seats. I don’t use “my” lever because I have some respect for the person behind me. How about you?

I hate that a 13" laptop no longer really fits on the table infront of me on VA flights. It just barely makes it.

The airline disagrees (as do many people). I’ll tell you, having a bad back, I crank that baby straight back as soon as they let me and don’t move it until we land. I paid for that chair!

I respect the person behind me just fine. They should crank back their chair as well.

You do realize that air rage citizens have literally been thrown off flights for stopping people (in an angry way) from using the lever?

Of course, I also refuse to fly cattle car airlines that refuse to give you room and also pay for extra legroom when offered. When I fly, it is generally for 10-16 hours internationally or to the opposite coast. I can’t sit bent forward for an entire flight because the citizen behind me thinks he owns the space my chair occupies.



I’ll tell you that, having a bad back, I am unable to recline my seat. It’s either 180 or 90 for me.

It’s absolutely true that the person in front, having paid for their seat, should be able to recline it as they wish. It is also sometimes inconvenient for that person that the person in back may be large enough to occupy space where the reclined seat might go if he were smaller. The person in back has the right to occupy his seat as well. As they say, your rights end where my knees begin. Or was it nose?

I’ll also tell you that I am sufficiently tall that if the person in front of me reclines fully their head is under mine. I find that creates a certain intimacy with which the person in front may become uncomfortable. I try my best to be clean and well dressed when I fly, but I also love onions and liverwurst for breakfast and am very chatty with people whose heads are in my lap. And gosh, but flying does give me the sneezies.

give the DHS some time - sooner or later those dangerous machines will be not allowed in the cabin at all

That seems pretty passive aggressive as a way to deal with things you don’t like.

I take it you prefer aggressive aggressive?

It seems odd to me how many people would like to enter into this unwanted intimacy with a stranger. Is it terribly impolite to burst their bubble with a voice from above?

They’re not entering intimacy. They’re using the chair they paid for as provided…

If that doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t​ fly. I know that if someone tells me to not recline my seat, I’m ignoring them unless they work for the airline.

You’re also basically saying you’ll engage in behavior on purpose to make it uncomfortable for them to do so or are you going to say now that this is not what you were implying?

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