An inflatable pillow to make flying in coach tolerable

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That looks like it would fit very nicely inside my leggings.


Obligatory Spinal Tap clip.


Don’t wrap it in foil, though.


Again, somebody gets it in first. Damn.


Okay, I didn’t want to throw this in, but I owe a post that can’t be duplicated. True story:

Our aircraft design class was allowed to enter, study, and measure the cabin of a 747. (Discovered several nooks and crannies denied to the clueless passengers.) At that time, there were lots of free goodies provided to 1st class passengers, such as cotton sock-slippers, two of which I grabbed, and then *stuffed down my pants (*for some forgotten reason). Walking back through the terminal at the end of the day, the slippers started traveling down my pants (making a stop at my crotch along the way), and finally ending up on the floor. A very nice (and very, very prim) gal in our group, walking some distance behind me, came running up to me with slippers in hand and a smile on her face. I didn’t bring up the crotch stop.


I use a thermarest lumbar pillow for the same reason.


The important thing is to try not to think about how nasty these things might get inside after being repeatedly inflated.

You’d think there’d be a nice, sanitary, portable mechanical doodad for these things by now.


What about closed-cell foam, the kind that expands when exposed to air? It’s not getting human-breath-air, so is that good enough or does it still get moldy, etc.?


The thermarest one is self inflating. You don’t blow into it.


I’ll order one and try it out. I don’t really think it matters what has occured in it, as I do not use the bladder as a spare air device when scuba diving, or attempt to re-inhale the air.


I sit with mine every day but I have a lumbar disc injury.

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I can’t recall the brand, but there is one pillow that has a sort of hemispherical ‘button’ that you continually press to inflate the pillow. Takes a bit longer to inflate than lung power, though.

Me too. L3-L4 to L5S1.

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I had a 12-14 mm herniation of L5S1. I had minimally invasive surgery (and it really is minimally invasive as I only have a tiny cut and scar) on it after two years (two years ago this last month), which resolved about 90% of my sciatica but I can’t sit in any chairs for any period of time more than 20 minutes or so without a support cushion for it.

I did it doing relatively mild (230 lb) squats as I was a power lifter for three years. I still work out at the gym 3 days a week but no free weights anymore. I do 20+ minutes of pilates every day for it too.

I just want the dipshit in front of me to not lean his seat back.

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Unfortunately this won’t do much for me to make coach tolerable. It’s just abject misery every time I fly coach and a fancy neck pillow won’t solve it. Even if I did lose like 50 lbs, I can’t do much about my knees being jammed right into the back of the seat in front of me.


I just roll up an item of clothing and shove that behind me, seems to work.